Why You Should Consider Installing a New Boiler

When you think about installing a new boiler, you probably don’t think much past cost. Not all new boilers need to break the bank and all come with a wide range of benefits for you and your home.
Keep reading to find out why you need a new boiler…

Brand new boiler = improved efficiency

Your boiler is responsible for the majority of your home energy bills- around 60% according to The Energy Savings Trust. The more efficient your boiler is, the lower your energy bills will be as a result.
The majority of new boilers are over 90% efficient (due to new condensing technology), so waste very little energy. Boilers from only ten years ago can be as low as 50-70%, so you will see a sizeable difference in your bills over time, with a new boiler.
To put this into perspective, if your new boiler is 90% efficient, it will waste no more than 10p in every £1 spent on heating. If your old boiler was only 50% efficient, you are wasting as much as 50p in every £1. The difference may not seem big at first, but the savings really do mount up throughout the year and your bills will be much less- leaving you valuable money to spend on the things that really matter.

Brand new boiler = greater temperature control

Most new boilers are compatible with TRVs and smart thermostats, giving you much more control over the temperature of your home.
TRVs can be installed onto every radiator, allowing each room to be heated to a separate temperature. You choose how hot you want the room to be using the TRV and it shuts off when the air around it reaches the specified temperature. This also can be a great way to save money, as you can switch the radiators off for rooms rarely used- e.g. spare bedrooms, saving money on your energy bills without you even noticing a change.
Smart thermostats are a great way to see exactly how much you are spending on your heating by sending you reviews annually and monthly. Each review can even come with handy tips helping you see how you could be saving even more money. As well as this, they are compatible with smart phone apps, allowing you to quickly and easily change the temperature from your phone- wherever you are. This is ideal, especially in the winter months, as you can make sure your home will be cosy and welcoming when you get home.

Brand new boiler = more discrete

Technology has changed rapidly over the last decade and the design of boilers has improved considerably. Thanks to a more practical design. new boilers operate almost silently - ideal for homes upstairs with boilers close to bedrooms.
They also tend to be a lot smaller, making them much more practical. A lot of people choose to have their new boilers wall mounted in a kitchen cupboard- out of sight and out of mind!

Do you need a new boiler in Manchester?

We hope these benefits have persuaded you towards buying a new boiler. Here at JB Plumbing and Heating, our gas engineers are experts at replacing old boilers and will be happy to help you out. We offer new boiler installations throughout the Manchester area. 
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